June 15, 2017

Mary Jo Van Dell Fall Studio Sale

Above the Marine General Store
101 Judd Street, Marine on St. Croix, MN
Friday, September 16 – 12-8pm
Saturday, September 17 and Sunday September 18 – 10am-5pm

The magic of the quaint river town Marine-on-St.-Croix during the richness of autumn is sure cast its spell on you. Above the iconic General Store is the studio of painter Mary Jo Van Dell, known for her evocative work in oils. She welcomes potters Robert Bowman, Guillermo Cuellar, Leila Denecke and Joe Samuelson as well as Melanie Ebertz, Art Andes beautifully hand woven Peruvian rugs and textiles. Stop in for a nosh and beverage in this charming artistic studio overlooking the village.

Learn more about Mary Jo at: maryjovandell.com


Oil painting by Mary Jo Van Dell

Oil painting by Mary Jo Van Dell

Bowl by Robert Bowman

Display of work by Bob Bowman

Melanie Ebertz, Art Andes textiles

Leila Denecke, sculptural pottery

Pots by Guillermo Cuellar

Jars by Joe Samuelson