May 13, 2016

Western Wisconsin Pottery Tour

Four locations: Hudson, Roberts & River Falls, Wisconsin
Saturday, September 23 - Sunday, September 24

The Western Wisconsin Pottery Tour is a self-guided tour hosted by potters from Western Wisconsin, who open up their studios to the public for viewing and purchasing of fine hand-made pots.  This is an opportunity to meet the potters in a fun and relaxing setting.  The studios can be visited in any order, and they are geographically close enough to fit into a one-day outing.

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Host: S.C. Rolf

Location: 115 Lewis Street, River Falls, Wisconsin
Guests: Simon Levin, ​Willem Gebben and Kristen Pavelka

Western Wisconsin Pottery Tour is part of the River Valley Potters, a group of potters in the St. Croix River Valley in WI and MN hosting sales events every fall.