River Valley Potters Fall Studio Sales

Three Locations in the St. Croix Valley

Friday-Sunday, September 17-19; daily 10am-5pm

Join host potters Peter Jadoonath, Guillermo & Alana Cuellar, and Nick Earl for a weekend of pottery and community at their annual fall studio sales. Each potter invites guest potters to join them for their sales and the result is wide representation of work created here in the St. Croix Valley and beyond.

Additional information: rivervalleypotters.com

Fall Pottery Sale at Abnet Farm
Host: Nick Earl
Guests: David Swenson, Ernest Miller, Autumn Higgins

Falls Sale on the St. Croix Trail
Hosts: Guillermo Cuellar, Alana Cuellar
Guests: Dick Cooter, Debbie Cooter, Peter Paul, Mike Norman

Backyard Pottery Sale
Host: Peter Jadoonath
Guests: Sarah Dudgeon, Joe Singewald, Ani Kasten, Mike Helke, Amanda Dobbratz, Ross Nordquist