June 10, 2015

Peter Jadoonath Backyard Pottery Sale

Peter Jadoonath Bowl Image # 230208 Tern Avenue, Shafer, MN
Friday, September 22 - 10am-5pm
Saturday, September 23 -10am-5pm
Sunday, September 24 - 10am-5pm

"The Annual Backyard Pottery Sale " is located at the Jadoonath homestead and studio. The 19th century homestead is surrounded by towering maples, old pines, and a grand western horizon. Peter and his close friends, Jason Trebs, Joe Singewald,  Mike Helke, and Sarah Dungeon will be selling a wonderful diversity of functional pottery. Enjoy a fall beverage with great pots, great people, and a slice of pie.

Excited to be a part of the River Valley Potters weekend!

Visit us online at: www.peterjadoonathpottery.com

Pottery bowl by Peter Jadoonath. Photo credit: Tom Dunn

People and pottery at 2016's Backyard Pottery Sale. Photo credit: Tom Dunn

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